Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter all! I haven't posted in a while but things have been happening!

Firstly, I've shut down the Pleroma instance. With two total accounts it was fun, but to be honest the VPS I'm running this on simply isn't up to running it. I might set up something similar in the future, but only after I upgrade the server's hardware. I might use Pleroma again, but more likely I'll choose Misskey or even just a plain old Mastodon because they have some features I like. That being said, from what I have read Pleroma is the least resource intensive, so I may just stick with that. To be honest though, I haven't looked into this in about a month so I could be completely mistaken.

I have also moved away from Android by installing Ubuntu Touch, ironically on a Google Pixel 3a. I'll write a more detailed post about the switch in the future, but I have had few problems making the switch. For more information about Ubuntu Touch I would recommend you look at their website. There are numerous other Google Android alternatives, including other Linux based ones like Mobian and Android based ones like Lineage OS.

In the next week I also aim to write a post about the best websites. I've asked around and have a list of five or so sites, but I'd like more. Even so, this may require more than one post for some of these, but we will see what happens.