What will you find on this site?

This site is where I write about various topics of interest to me. Topics including history, video games, and whatever else piques my interest. Please do not take anything I say too seriously, I am by no means an authority on anything I talk about.

Why am I writing this website?

I am building this website because I have always been interested in technology and would like something that I can work on to both learn new and practice old skills. In essence, I want a project to work on as a hobby.

I aim to regularly update this website by writing a blog. My most recent entry can be found below. My RSS feed can be found here, please subscribe to it if you would like to follow this website's blog. I also have a Mastodon.

Why does this site look how it does? Or, why doesn't this site work on mobile?

To start with, my site looks the way it does because I'm not a professional programmer, I study Politics, Philosophy and Economics. This means I really don't have the skills to make it look nicer (though I'm sure I could learn them if I really wanted to). I also just like how older — perhaps more accurately simpler — websites look and feel.

As for why it doesn't load nicely on mobile, the answer is simple: I can't be bothered to make sure it does. My current phone screen is only about 4.5x5.5cm anyway.